Event Production



The main objective is the coordination of the resources and equipment that make up the event.
There are several factors that must be controlled, projected and ordered in advance, through specific procedures, such as:

– Define the goal of the event
– Set dates
– Select and negotiation of the place of realization
– Develop a schedule of activities
– Event promotion


The assembly encompasses, on the one hand, the provision of the equipment and the technical, human and material resources that will be used in the place where the event will take place. On the other hand, it constitutes the aesthetic, structural and functional bases on which the event takes place.

This is why in Manah we consider that preparing the staging is essential in the organization.


Depending on the target audience, we fully take care of convening the public of the event.
A database is delivered to the client for subsequent monitoring.


A pre and post event report is delivered, so that you can.

We also work with providers of excellent reputation in Florida, and we have a highly trained multimedia team to generate first-class material in each of the events.

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